Aloha Kona Jewelry

Jewelry handmade on the Big Island of Hawaii and reminiscent of the sea. Each piece is one of a kind and sure to draw compliments.

Hawaiian Heart Necklace

Here on the Big Island of Hawai’i the lava meets the sea every day in the process of creation.  The melding of the brilliant colors of the lava with the cool colors of the sea always bursts forth in a froth of white.  One day while walking on the beach I came upon the perfect coral heart at the center of the necklace.  It reminded me of the spirit of the Hawaiian Heart and inspired a piece of art that represents our beautiful island.

All of the items in this necklace have been thoughtfully chosen to represent their respective realm of nature.  On the lava side there are lava beads as well as obsidian which originate from lava.  On the sea side there are pieces of found, naturally shaped sea glass and pearls, both coming from a watery beginning.  The crowning glory, the coral heart is a naturally shaped gem from the sea which inspired the entire necklace.  All of the other components support these materials to create the Hawaiian Heart.

The necklace measures 27" plus it has a 2" drop below the coral heart.  It features Swarovski crystal, lava, obsidian, fire crackle agate, aquamarine, freshwater pearls, Hawaiian sea glass, coral heart, sterling silver seahorse, dolphin, fish & turtles or honu, Swarovski fish and starfish.  All findings are sterling silver.  $1500.00